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Representative messages from some who have paused to consider...

CS  in the USA 9/12/10
I wanted to let you know I used the whole clear key process today for the first time. I am a 5 handicap and shot an effortless 74. It could have been a lot lower. I was 1 for 8 on my birdie putts which were all 20 feet or less. My biggest challenge is the putting and that fits my profile. I will get much better with this the more I use it. Besides the score the best part of the whole process is the anxiety level. I felt 70% less anxiety with my mind out of the way.Too bad I was not using this system 2 weeks ago in my club champioship when I shot an anxiety driven 85 and 87. Your system works and I look forward to enjoying golf a lot more.... It is hard to believe your system has not caught on more. I will keep you informed on my progress. My 74 today helped put my partner and I in the top flight at my club's big member-member tournament this weekend. We have played together for many years and have never made the top flight. I look forward to having fun and playing well. I will be in touch.

AMC in North Carolina 8/18/10
Rushing around today, I had an early Doctor's appt so didn't sign up for Ladies Day.  Once I came out of the Dr.'s office I realized I could play if they had an opening for me.  I called and they did.  Ran out to the course and joined the last tee time group.  Realized I would be in the cart with a lady who has endeavored to keep me at great distance and make my life miserable if she could, since the time we first played.  I had no time to warm up and no time to come to terms with spending the day with this lady.  As I walked up to the tee I started with clear key.  As I started my routine I used clear key.  It is like a soothing salve.  It makes me smile and be happy.  Nothing else matters.  This is gold and you know it.  She got all uptight and played horribly.  I was so relaxed and played very well.  I love clear key.  
PS As I mentioned to [my instructor] recently, it works on the serve in tennis brilliantly.
PPS:  I think this clear key thing has legs for the wicked world of private club women's golf.  It is not just for really good or aspiring golfers.  It is fabulous for the social pressure of women's groups!

Tom in Arizona 12/3/08
Thought Iíd give you an update.  The results should be no surprise to you.  Karen D. has tweaked my swing while Iíve been setting up with you the relationship with KeyGolf, reading the profile and the book and creating habits with the new swing changes.  The results of the last two weeks:
My first two rounds in the 70ís at Pinnacle Peak CC, two 79ís, one from the whites, the other from the blues.  One of those in competition.New handicap on Dec 1st dropped from 11 to a 10. Last Monday I shot my first round of par or better, a one under 71 from the white in Menís Day.  Three birds, two bogeys, the rest pars.  Net 61 with my current 10 handicap!  My previous best is one 73 and two rounds of 74 at other clubs.  Just lost myself in the process of playing the next shot, making fairways, greens, rolling the ball in the hole, repeatÖStrangely or maybe not, since it is golf, I felt there was a great deal of room for improvement.  I intend to reread parts of the book, keep working on making the new habits truly habits and enjoying playing the game of golf.

Youíre right about the guy with the club in his hand is on page one.  Golf is certainly about dealing with yourself and taking responsibility for what happens during your round.  That also includes taking responsibility for allowing your conscious mind getting in the way of letting things happen that better golfers certainly know can happen.  Iíve hit many, many scratch handicap shots in my life, but putting them all together into a quality round of 71 shots had been elusive.  My two sayings ďThe Man in the Moon can sure sing a tuneĒ and Clear skies are the norm after the stormĒ  both are great ways to amuse my conscious mind, putting a smile on my face and letting the smooth swing that my body is capable of making come out.  Along with Karen Dís simplification of my swing, it seems a lot less complicated.Thanks for your efforts, (signed, Tom).

John in New Jersey on 9/13/08
John S. reported to us that he had just won the District Senior Amateur championship of the Trenton District Golf Association - in a pouring rain, on the fourth hole of sudden death, using his "Singin' in the Rain" clear key, by hitting "the best under pressure trouble shot of my life (a punched 5 iron out of a grove of trees to 10 feet to seal the win.")
He also told us that as the tension and rain increased, he got louder with his clear key, bringing a strange look to the face of his competitor, "an unintended benefit of the clear key." [ed. note: he did not use his key while his competitor was hitting, though].
We give him our warmest congratulations and thank him for sharing.

Cole in Tennessee on 8/31/08
Cole N. won the United States Junior Golf Tour event at Bear Trace Chickasaw for the Boys Junior High Division. He credited his clear key for helping him keep things well put together, in spite of a couple of bad breaks, and came from 2 shots back to win by three on the second day. The sound you hear is our hands clapping for this young champion.

Stuart from Australia on 2/2/08
I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the help you gave me with clear keys and making a covenant with myself. It helped me
greatly towards securing a Korean Tour card. This is the first tour I've qualified for, now I've got to get back to work to make a go of it in 2008.
Kindest Regards,
Stuart Lunn-Walker

Rick from Canada on 7/17/07 wrote...
Wow!  I have done various personality or behavioral assessments over the years. This one, in terms of my golf game was BANG on both in terms of styles and degree.   I was blown away by how so few questions could nail my golf approach down so accurately.  Well done!

Harvey emailed us 7/15/07 to say...
I've been using your methods for over a year now, and I want to thank you for how effective they are for me.  They have played a big role in my reducing my handicap 5 strokes, but more importantly they have really helped me practive more effectively and learn more from my practice time. Thanks for helping people improve their performance.

From Hiro in Tokyo, forwarded from Fred Greene's Podcast:
Hello Fred,
I just had to write to you to tell you how great "Clear Key System and the return of Carey Mumford" was for my recent round of golf.  3 weeks ago, I shot a whopping "99", I play to a 9 handicap, then I listened to Carey's 2nd episode.  Guess what? I shot a "77"!
What really made my eyes and mind open, was your comment about your experience with your initial Clear Key "If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much" didn't work for you but "Mary had a little Lamb, I wish I had one too" worked.
Well, for me, the new Clear Key "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy" was the one that worked the best. Till then, I was adjusting my pace to the clear key (I used Legalize Bingo to keep Granma off the street), which was not my pace.
Carey's 32 ball drill works great too, and I'm going to start teaching my son the Clear Key System. Again, thank you for your wonderful and enlighting Podcast.

Anthony in the Southeast sent the following:
Thought I would let you know that using Clear Key helped me to shoot 71 yesterday, 1 under par.  My previous best score was 73.  I birdied hole #12 to get to even par, and then kept getting more focused with each hole, picking shot, trusting Clear Key, and going.  Birdied the last hole for 71.   Shooting par or better is something I have hoped to do all of my golfing life.  I am very fortunate to have learned about Clear Keys from you, thanks!

From John in the Northwest: I downloaded the putting book on Friday Afternoon and read it thoroughly. After reading it and most of the info on your web site, I have a basic understanding of Swing Keys and Clear Key.
I belong to an area Country Club and have been playing for a year and a half. Iíve managed to get my handicap down to 17, but thatís about it. Sometimes Iíll play to a 15 and sometimes to a 20. I mentioned in my first e-mail that I can play well on the practice range but not on the course.
I played the best 2 rounds of my life on Saturday and Sunday this weekend using my interpretation of swing keys and clear keys. I shot and 83 on Saturday and an 81 on Sunday. My putting was better than it had ever been, I used the RPP technique. The guys in my menís group said they had never seen me putt like this before. Iím still not sure what caused this sudden change but I would like to think its because of the info I read on Friday.
I just wanted to say thanks, and I canít wait to get your book.

Mark from UK, recently introduced to clear keys, relates the following eloquent story:
"Interesting and pertinent, proves the point: - My little girl is 6. Sheís extremely bright and has a lovely character, but sheís been very slow in learning to ride her bike. With Summer on the way, and some of her friends riding bikes to school, she picked up some interest in practising. So while I was out front cutting grass and stuff, I watched her while she tried to ride her bike round the driveway (lots of room to ride around in a fair sized circle).
She was at the stage where she could ride for about 20 yards in a straight line but wasnít confident going round corners. I showed her what to do and coaxed her along, as you do, then got back to the gardening and let her work it out. Before long sheís riding round and round singing along with a big grin on her face. Nice moment.
Next thing thereís a clatter; I look round and thereís a big pile of bike and little girl in the middle of the drive. I pick her up, dust her down and ask her what went wrong. She says ďI stopped singing. If I sing while Iím riding I donít think about what Iím doing, so Iím ok. When I stop singing I think about what Iím doing and fall off.Ē
I nearly fell over myself!"

Mark D. sends these comments, excerpts from his entire message: "On applying your techniques, I want to let you know that despite the fact that I am just starting to employ them in my game, I already see their significant and powerful effects...I had developed what amounts to the yips with my driver, unable to let my ability and learning take me through my swing. As a result, I might miss every fairway during a pressure round, killing any chance of scoring reasonably well, expert as I have become at getting myself out of trouble (a characteristic of my type, I am sure)...Yesterday, probably the third round in which I have started to develop appropriate habits for getting to automatic, I hit 8 of 14 fairways, barely missing the other 6, and always leaving myself a reasonable shot...I've got a long way to go to turn my new found approach into a habit, but your method has opened a Zen-like ability in my golf game that is allowing me to reach the ability, learned and given, that I have been unable to tap.  I can't tell you how solid I find your approach, or how much I appreciate your lucid and intelligent explanations. 

From The Netherlands, David writes: "Just wanted to add to your list of testimonials.. I haven't been using Clearkey for a while as I've been learning a completely new swing and didn't feel completely confident it was bedded in. Anyway, Saturday I qualified for the 36 holes finals of our Club Championships and decided to use Clearkey for all my shots, something I've never done before, but my putting has been a nightmare...

To cut a long story short, played both rounds under my handicap, strokeplay off the back tees in strong winds, and finished 5th ahead of many players with much lower handicaps. In the last round I was paired with 2 of our 1st team members and beat them both. The benefits on full shots were as I remembered, more distance, better quality of strike. The real improvement was in putting, not only making some 5 footers but my distance control was superb, and even the putts I missed always got to the hole.

So many thanks once again... "

Mark O. has this to say: "Tuesday, I was so excited to apply keygolf, I used the "Going Automatic & "Mary Had a Little Lamb " for a quick afternoon round.  2-sand saves, 6-birdies!  Like you said, golf can be fun. This was the first time in 20-years I really had fun playing golf.  When I have grasped the entire KeyGolf, I know I will have even more fun!"  

From Cameron S. in Australia: After four years of golfing wilderness I am now eligible for amateur play. I played in my first serious competitive game in a long time for my golf team yesterday. It was a fantastic opportunity to test the clearkey approach under real pressure. As luck would have it, everything came down to my match. I was one down with two holes to play. I was surprised at how relaxed I felt and how well I was playing. There was no sign of the yips at all! On 17 I hit two of the best shots in my life to reach a long par five in two and on the last hole I chipped in from a difficult position to win the match. It was a lot of fun.

The clearkey process gets the big thumbs up from me. It was my security blanket for the duration of the day and on those last few holes enabled me to stay calm and play to the best of my ability. A few years ago I felt I may have buckled under the pressure but yesterday I was able to keep performing well. I have learnt a lot in the last few months and have a renewed confidence with my game. I still have more to learn but I am very happy with everything so far.

Mansoor A. from Ontario, in an email, writes: "I have read the profile and I think you already know you were " On the button" . I was aware for the most part of the characteristics of my profile but I had need to say that the way you presented the profile and your books made me "REALISE AND PUT INTO PERSPECTIVE"  my pilosophy to teaching  and life. The simplicity of the "Clear Key" is so easy to overlook and it is the "The Key" to unlock my potential and not to forget the potential of my clients. As I said, I realised certain things , one of the most important was that my physical fitness regimen was entirely based on a Driver's style [ed., not his profiled style]. The most critical one for me was Types and Method of practice, this is where I feel I will benifit the most, getting from skill to habit undoubtedly is the most significant contribution to golf training and development. You certainly have put me in the picture. Over the last week I have researched your past! It is an honour to be associated with you and your teaching philososphy."

Lyle A. from Canada says: ďI have recently experimented with Carey Mumford's Clear Key concept, and have been amazed at the results. Repeating a non-golf related clear key while setting up and swinging was a laughable idea for me at one time as I have almost always been a swing thought golfer. I tried it for the first time during putting and was shocked at my ability to judge the distance of my putts. The uneasy sensation of not doing anything consciously while putting initially left me feeling insecure, however, the results spoke for themselves. After a few rounds of playing this way while putting I tried it on my full swing, on the course. Six under par standing on the 18th tee, I realized that with a par or birdie on an easy par 5, I would have the second best round of my life. Bad, results orientated thought. Hooked the ball into trouble, made bogey and scored 67, good, but somewhat disappointing that I failed to employ a non-golf related thought, at a critical point in the game. However, was pleased with the overall results. The feeling of swinging using Clear Keys is like another golfer has taken over my mind and body and swings for me. He is obviously better than me, judging by the results.

At the risk of being ridiculed, my clear key is Moe's [Norman] robot poem. ("I have a little robot, that goes around with me...") After taking my grip I just recite the poem and before you know it, the ball is in the hole. Yah, right! Bizarre as it sounds, this just works for me. What has helped me a lot as well, is Mumford's 32-Ball routine. Four balls thinking about mechanics(manual) followed by four balls using the clear key(automatic), and this repeated 4 times, before doing something else (chipping/putting or whatever) It is important to practice how you are going to play on the course and that is why he wants the 4 balls using the clear key. Most of us hit balls to practice and then go play. I have read Mumford's e-book a couple of times and it all makes so much sense. In my mind, it puts the Rotella stuff, in its proper pla

From MIFF in Florida, who wrote: Carey, thanks to all the help you have given me.The clear key is fantastic. I recently took five months from golf because of injury and the first thing I did when I picked up a club was my clear key. I chipped 2-3 balls before I realized it.  I am a firefighter at Kennedy Space Center and  presently on a specialzed team Shuttle Astronaut Rescue{SAR] and went to Johnson Space center for specialized training. I was learning some new things and having trouble getting it all down. When it hit me to try a clear key while going through the near 20 steps of rescuing a hurt astronaut from the shuttle. These rescues are quick, intense and in cramped conditions rescuing 5-7 astronauts depending on the mission. My partner and I [are] responsible for at least 4 on the flight deck. The clear key is a great asset to my golf and work. It keeps me calm in stressful situations. Thanks. In fact I think I'll go work on it now. I have sent you 2 pics #1 me on flt deck, #2 the team 2nd from the left.

And for those of you who thought that was good, try this: A quote from the "Florida Today" Newspaper, portion of an article by Sports Columnist Scott Brown

"Smith picks out a target to aim for -- in this case the 25-second clock above the goalpost he is trying to split -- and then starts the routine that precedes every one of his golf shots.

He tells himself he is "going on automatic" and then starts saying, "Fly me to the moon" to himself. He still is reciting the title of his favorite Frank Sinatra song as his right leg, in whip-like action, sends the ball hurtling toward the goalpost.

"That automatic," Smith said, "I think it's the best."

He should.

It allowed the Kennedy Space Center firefighter to block out the crowd noise at halftime of the Peach Bowl and win $250,000 by pulling off his best Adam Vinatieri impression in the BellSouth Kick for a Million Contest.

"It's one giant kick for clear keys, automatic," said Mike Warobick, who owns U.S. 1 Golf Center in Rockledge.

Anyone who golfs undoubtedly knows someone who drinks beer when they are playing and claims it actually helps their game because it relaxes them.

Consider that the deviant cousin to the clear keys and automatic approach Warobick embraced when his path crossed that of Carey Mumford in 1990."

Margie Bingham, Member Nashville, TN Executive Women's Golf Association wrote: In January you did a styles workshop for EWGA in Nashville.  I attended and wanted to share with you the difference it has made in my game.  My playing style and working style is "driver" (no surprise to any of my friends), but I tend to practice as an "analyzer".  As a result of the workshop I have totally changed my practice routine and most importantly have begun employing a clear key.  (I like the "chicken had lips" one!)  What a difference using a clear key has made!!  My swing is freer because I am no longer thinking about how I am swinging the club.  I have increased my distance by 20-25 yards with my driver and by at least 10-15 yards with every other club.  I no longer decelerate when I swing through the ball, fully finish my swing, and my problem of leaving everything out to the right has just about vanished.  Golf is a lot more fun, now, thanks to your workshop.   Margie Bingham

John J. Lynch, Systems Engineer, NAPSE- Alpha Server Support, Hewlett-Packard Company, wrote: I think there is a lot of mystery out there concerning the human condition that we have yet to explore. I find your book fascinating and I am enjoying it thoroughly!  The combination of the book and my Personal/Playing profile has allowed me to discover things about myself that are both surprising and educational...who was it that said "Know thy-self" ? Thanks again for this brilliant approach to learning golf and self discovery! Warmest regards, John

Gary B. Smith, a contributing editor for RealMoney Magazine and regular on FoxNews Bulls and Bears, wrote: I recently completed both your initial book, and the putting book. A few thoughts. This stuff is truly terrific. As someone who has played for 30 years, I have thought about the concepts you espouse a good deal. I tried to play with a clear head, while humming, etc. But, nothing ever clicked until I tried the clearkey concept of actually saying a sentence aloud. (or at least whispered). THAT fundamental concept was enough to allow me [to] calm down for the 2 or 3 seconds necessary to hit the golf shot to the best of my ablities. In fact, it's funny. My handicap has been as low as a +1, but over the years (call it getting old!), my mind has turned to mush, and I do hit some shots occasionally that have me wondering if I've made ANY progress at all! So, the clearkey concept was/is pivotal. In addition, it was nice to know I tested out as a "craftsman." I have always wanted to play more "shots" and have the ability in spades on the range, but was never able to take it to the course under pressure. Now, maybe I can. Your observation of me having an equal abundance of "driver" and persuader is also not a surprise. Many years ago, I had a similar test done while I was working at IBM (they used "driver" "amiable" "Passive" and "expressive") and I had almost an exact 25% in each category! So, call me an "everyman"! With that in mind, is there anyone on tour that you would say is close to my blend? My thought, based solely on observation, was Paul Azinger or maybe Corey Pavin. Tough to say, but if you ever do a new addition of the book those references would be helpful so folks could identify with someone. -- Today I played my first full round using my clearkey. (I liked the one about absorbine sr.) I hit about 3 "where'd that come from" shots, but also 3 nearly perfect shots. The rest where [sic,were] all very acceptable. The big diffrence though, was my chipping and wedge play (the persuader in me, I suppose) shined. On the flip side, I have not quite adjusted to the putting aspect (as you point out in the book.) The main difficulty is not the pre-shot, nor using the key, but lining up. It tough to go right from pre-shot to using clearkey without glancing at the hole again to see if the putter is lined up! So, any thoughts on that would be appreciated. So, one round down, and many more to go. I will keep you posted! Again, great stuff! Regards, Gary

**Sharon Miller, past U.S. Women's Open Champion says, "It works! I had the opportunity to try it on a new student the Wed. after our sessions with you. Needless to say it continues to work -- with two other students also, let alone myself. I'm so excited about the results, I can hardly wait for the weather to clear to have more lessons.

I've always been striving to be able to figure out a better way for my students to take their swing and skill to the golf course from the range and to be able to deal with any adversities that may come their way in competition. By jove, I believe I've got it, thanks to you.

I really enjoyed our 2 day seminar with you and learned so much and continue to as I review the material you gave us. Thank you so much for your time and tremendous enthusiasm you portray in what you believe and what you know that works! It's obvious the amount of thought you've put into this...

I'm really looking forward to putting your "clear key" to work.

**Another former LPGA Tour regular Sarah McGuire said, "My family and teachers told me for years to quit thinking - to get out of my own way. But this is the first and only thing that really showed me how to do that. It's finally released me to play my way and find out how well I do play. It's going to be fun getting back out on the tour this year.

**Jerry Thormann, past President of Northern California PGA, well versed in the method, notes, "I've learned what 'automatic' really means and how to put myself there. I thought I knew, but I didn't. You can't 'wish' it to happen or just hang around to see if it will. You have to know how to do the right things at the right times. For me, it's meant playing and scoring better, and having more fun doing it."

**Dallas Professional Eldridge Miles, "It gets your 'head' out of the way so your body can do what it already knows how to do.

**California Sports Physician Joseph Leahy, told the author, "What you are doing is helping people play golf in the 'eye of the storm'." Tour players who have worked with the author, say the program helped them keep their attention focused on the present, defuse tension and anxiety, and acquire the art of "staying loose" instead of "grinding.

**Mike O'Sullivan, Stetson University golf coach, reports, "This book [The Double Connexion] is absolutely eye opening. It's program arrives at the point everybody talks about and makes simple what others make complicated. I'm amazed at it's effect on my playing and coaching. Everyone who plays this game needs to study this book."