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The Putting Book

Recovered "Golf's Best Kept Secret" -- Now Available for Download
This was the original book that launched the research culminating in Clear Keys. It remains out of "hard" print, but we have been able to reproduce it electronically and make it available here.



Our Putting eBook is here for your free Download and use. You will need an unlock code, so Email Us
We want you to be our guest and have this book for your use. It does not include profiling, however.


The Double Connexion Book
Download (no CD), and Email Us
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For information about profiling, please visit our Profile Response Page

The Double Connexion is available on CD Rom, plus S&H
We will include the Putting Book in this time limted offer at no additional charge.

Both Books...

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for a Mac version of either book or both.

Profiling is a separate, stand alone resource, and is available for groups as well as indiviuals.
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with your request.

Please Email Us
after your credit information is entered so we may send your unlock code for your Double Connexion download. We encourage the download even if you are purchasing the CD Rom. The content of both are identical.