There are several critical issues in learning and playing for every serious player's game. You already knew that.

No one need remind us that grip, posture, stance, alignment and swing plane (including the pace and rhythm of your swing) are among the most prominent of those.

In addition, there are a number of less noticed concerns that fall into the mental game category that need the same attention, if not more. In case you've missed it, which is not likely, most players, teachers, gurus, etc. keep reminding us that golf is 90% mental, even though most of us still give it less than 10% of our attention.

If you are new to the game, the percentages above should be reversed. At first, it may be more like 90% on swing and 10% on mental matters. Those numbers will change fairly rapidly as you progress. We recommend that new players find a golf professional they like who applies clear mental strategies to the learning and teaching of swing skills. If you have questions about that, email us. We will assist you with building a game plan for "growing your game."

If you are a seasoned player, you already know how important the mental game is. If you don't, let us know.

The fact is, most folks just don't get it. And that's not a mere oversight. It's a wrought iron fence, built over many generations of being mesmerized by the swing and having little to encourage the mental game. We don't know if it's a sad turn of events, or just unfortunate, but it is clear that, with time, the shared information has become less accurate and relevant. It's shrouded in the ego-centric needs of authors, writers and instructors who love the sound of their own voices. We just read a recent book that literally throws the best of behavior style research into a paper shredder and pretends that it doesn't matter- that what you see is NOT what you get. Hippocrates would turn over in his grave, not to mention what would happen to Selye, Erikson, Hornay, Jung, Watson and Skinner. It is time to rely on what has been demonstrated in research rather than what is cast in individual opinion and fantasied belief. The most recent author we have seen insists he "believes." Well, there were many who "believed" the world was flat for an awfully long time, too, until research showed that to be a false belief. Now, it's time to move forward with our golf games.

These pages are dedicated to exposing the best of researched resources. We are not trying to help them make a "comeback," which would imply that they were already there and got lost. A few golf folks went there in the past "for a visit," but they didn't stay long enough to find out what it was all about or to practice its principles.

It is time now to quit the "visitation" and go there to live. What's on these pages will give you that chance - if you want to take it..

First thing every golfer needs is a way to understand how to play the game "within themselves." Not a new "idea," but a new definition.

A Behavior Style Profile Response Form is included here to show youhow that works. [See the Profile Response Page]