THE New Golf Psychology
2000 Carey Mumford

"New," as we use it, means interactive, balanced, process oriented and dynamic. "Old," for our purposes, means cerebral, rational, locked in to outcome statements and static.

"Old" just repeats the same cliched preliminaries over and over, duplicates the overdone urgency to build strong foundations, but lacks any method or process to bring that to a consistent, productive conclusion.

"New" builds a house on a single foundation and puts a roof on it. Gives you a place to go, a way to get there, a door to enter and a furnished place to live when you arrive.

The "old" just keeps on rebuilding the foundation. It gets "all dressed up with no place to go."

Wherever one looks, there are claims of "New, Best, First, Most, Top, Number One," describing products, services, processes, programs, or ideas.

"How is 'Best' evaluated?" What magic determines if something really is NEW , not to mention natural enough to put health in your game?

Even if there are promises or guarantees of comfort in playing your game, with references, historic profiles, secure notes and footnotes from research, and quotes from highly reputable scientists, most folks will go more by what their friends and heroes say than by any evidence. No matter how substantial, It is not easy to offset the instinctive need to maintain the status quo. If the sound you hear is unfamiliar, you may just ignore it, or reject it out of hand. Of course if the voice is heard on a golf channel or in a golf magazine, it's got to be "gospel," right? Would "Golf in a Box" market well? In our culture? You bet!

There are two fundamental reasons that have formed the state of what is loosely referred to as "the mental game." One is that for generations, the disciplines of psychology and physiology have been kept apart by those who should know better. Those two bodies of knowledge have been treated as sacred, individual portfolios. One is not to be corrupted by the other. The gurus of both have insisted upon it. It is impossible to integrate what is kept separate, and any claim to a New Golf Psychology that does not have that integration simply isn't "new." Saying something is "new" without incorporating all its parts is false advertising.

The second reason is that even among those gurus who either know, or suspect that there is a better platform, the fear of being embarrassed by finally having to confess that they "missed" it is so great, and their publishers are so enthralled by how well the same old song seems to sell, there just isn't anything to motivate any change in the time-worn notions that have cornered the market.

Even with hurdles like that, KeyGolf brings a New dimension to the table. It "raises the bar" on golf's mental "high jump" well beyond what has been regarded as the "norm." Those willing to pause and understand, can establish a "new record" and take the "norm" to another level. The past has too much left dangling, under the heading of "Missing in Action."

The assertions of the past have not been "wrong." They have been incomplete or overstated. At least that's the evidence showing. Any exception to that is very hard to identify, since all the claims sound alike. There have been mis-directions, arising from myths, poor choices of words or mistaken definitions. The most likely culprits, though, lie in past failure to provide ways, processes and insights to do what everyone talks about as the "thing to do," or to provide any real "place to go" to finish the job. Without being able to describe the means of getting there, it's all too easy to say things like "Just do it!" The problem with that comes with trying to figure out "How?"

We will not, however, rush to judgment since we believe all that has been said was intended to help. But make no mistake.

Words that are given no action plan, are empty.
If it isn't interactive, you must find a way to make it so.
Saying you are rich doesn't provide riches.


KeyGolf brings benefits to the willing with a process anchored in a new integration of knowledge and skill that has been available for decades, if not centuries. We take it well beyond what you were using from yesterday's separated parts that have been kept detached from what would otherwise be a whole process. One can't be better tomorrow with the same thoughts and skill levels in use today.

Our presentation of the New Golf Psychology takes learning, and the implementation of that, well beyond what's been available in the past. If the only means to measure what you hear lies in the familiarity of past sounds, so be it. The New Golf Psychology saves time and energy with ways to test validity and undo "mental braking." Here is the opportunity to raise your own bar.

The values and benefits of the New Golf Psychology are accessible through our Double Connexion Book, or as part of our learning/development program at several golf schools and our secure online solutions. There is also an eBook. We will be happy to provide individual attention. Just contact us.