Our Direction is New.
It is Interactive, and that produces ease of implementation

Why that's true...

Search through all the golf psycholgy or mental game pages you can find on the web. When you are done, ask yourself, and/or the authors of those pages, "How many pages gave a clear indication of a practical process for game development along with a description for implementation? How many simply gave a "bottom-line," outcome statement that equalled "Just do it." (Which is a wondrous cliche, but what does it mean?) How many suggestions or directions actually gave "instructions for assembly?"

How many pages really provided reliable ways to elevate confidence?

What procedures were found to improve performance? How does "peak" work?

How much attention was given to "results," and how little to interactive procedures and any means to achieve those results? There seems no lack of pages that tell us what to do, but not HOW to do it.

It is at that point that KeyGolf moves into NEW and BENEFICIAL areas for players and teachers beyond anything that has preceded us. We have taken new steps, found easier ways to learn and, best, to "remember," so that what is learned is built into habit. And we can fill you in thoroughly on how to build a new habit that will displace any old, undesireable one.

We will not beat you up with self-hypnosis, goal setting, imagery, visualizing, focus and flow as though these were ends in themselves. These are areas that are involved, but only in the supportive ways that are germain to their secondary purposes.The mainframe of building your game will take you to the fourth and highest level of learning, so that your body can keep doing what it has learned how to do, without having to grind in some fanciful concentrated way on your skills and actions. Thus, you can safely manage and move beyond the anxiety, yips, frustration, errant shots and fickle confidence that haunts so many players. And you can have it NOW!