A benefit-poor vacuum exists in the typical educational portfolio. It's in golf, not to mention math, english and reading classes (among others) at any school you can name. There is a valuable range of important, basic information that remains undiscovered by the mainstream. Reading, writing, arithmetic and even our physics, calculus, chemistry and history are valued as money-makers. However, the "system" rarely touches on the basic benefits to be gained by understanding our own and other's behavior. Hence, there is a void in one of the most fundamental areas of information needed for both work and play. It is especially vital to golf, because of the solitary nature of the game. It is a natural requisite for our daily activities, and most certainly for our golf games. Without it, you can count on being at least five shots off your real game every time to play. "You just can't hardly get there from here," as Archie Campell used to say.

Most golfers seem not to care much about this huge omission. Truth is, they don't know it's there. So their motors run on another kind of fuel. There are plenty of golfers who want to score in the 60's and 70's. Problem is they have little or no secure knowledge of the necessary ingredients to get there. Conversely, there are a few golfers we know who have found the value and respect that lies in understanding the stages of growth and development in human life. They know that those forces also affect the development of a golf game. They have learned that it takes time to complete their development. The majority of players, however, continue to "play safe," hoping to arrive without having to make the trip.

Our online research finds that even when teachers and mental coaches risk giving guidance online, (not too much, or you won't buy the tapes, books and videos), they rarely give reference to behavior style. Preference is given to the more ambiguous term -"personality-" which, in fact is quite different from "style." The admonitions to "Play by your personality" and "Develop a playing profile like the pros," are proven to be misleading. What players have wanted is winning advice. We bring that to you.

The fact is that personality has nothing to do with the development of skill or habit and no one can play like someone else. Period!

KeyGolf guarantees your progress in the game. Our professionals work magic for your game through the value you derive from installing your own set of basic principles in learning and playing processes, both physical and mental.

Plenty of others promote and use corollaries as though they were basic principles. That may be OK as far as corollaries go, but it tends to leave our attention focused on problems rather than solutions. It most certainly leaves us overwhelmed by outcome statements at the expense of descriptions of interactive process. At some point in life, we may want to stop looking at the headache and the aspirin and take a harder look at the values in self-management necessary to reduce the aches. Perhaps we can eliminate them altogether.

Simply put, golf's mental game is an interactive process, not just a way of thinking about outcomes, and feeling "good." Improving our mental game demands new insights and strategies. For that, KeyGolf brings you a New Golf Psychology. It brings balance to the game along with the elimination of "headaches" in playing.

At KeyGolf, we have a well developed program. It has been thoroughly researched and studied. KeyGolf presents an integrated program that balances the approach to the WHOLE GAME. We understand that is the only way one can finally achieve a completely satisfying game, at any level of play.

Our goal is to make it possible for any player to discover and develop his/her own best level as readily as they put on their clothes, drive their cars and brush their teeth on a daily basis. Anyone willing to listen and learn can do it. It is being done already by players we know. From 9 years old to 85, and from "muny" courses to the professional tours, the new chapter is being written now.

It is not as hard as many would have you believe, and it is a lot more fun than most appear to be having.

We have proven, alternative programs to meet the needs of individuals, groups, corporate entities and other organizations. A full range of clinics, seminars, training programs and presentations are guaranteed to meet almost any need.

For information about how to qualify for profiling through your playing/learning or teaching style, visit our Profile Response Page