The Double Connexion is the only interactive approach to the mental game that is presently either in print or production. It corrects the existing mis-information that has clouded essentials, removes many myths that prejudice game development and then interactively shows HOW to get your game from the practice tee to the golf course.

If you really want to play on automatic you will need more than an admonition to “don’t think, just let it go,” to get there. You will need to know exactly what that means, how it works, and how to implement it. You only need one question for yourself at that point. Did anyone ever show you what automatic is and how it THE DOUBLE CONNEXIONworks? or was that just assumed?

Most players appear to believe that they already play on automatic (by habit), which they expect to maintain by spending as much time as possible trying to “groove” their swings. That is usually connected by instructors to the magical “muscle memory” thesis. Of course, if our swings really became grooved you’d think we would not require so much time “learning.” Maybe it’s just that we become forgetful overnight, so we must hit the range to check the memory of our swings. Perhaps learning is fickle and secretly enjoys not working for us. Good thing we were not given to that much trouble remembering how to ride a bicycle, walk, or put on our clothes. If you only play once a year, that’s one thing. But if you play regularly, it may be time to ask yourself why it’s so hard to keep the swing going.

A simple statement of intention will not do it. It takes a set of thoroughly predetermined actions. We have to build habits. In turn, that necessitates knowing how habits are built and preserved. It does not just happen.

In case you have doubts about the meaning of “habit,” try this gentle persuasion. If you have ever had someone “get on your case,” and you made a response, then later wished you had said something a little more effective, you should have no trouble seeing that the quick, unrehearsed response was issued from a skill level. The afterthought, when you had time to review your response and evaluate it, led you to what you would have “preferred” to have said – what you “wished” you had at the tip of your tongue.

That you saw it after the fact means that you likely have the skill, but not the habit. And the habit won’t show up unless and until it is “top dog” in your portfolio, especially under pressure. That is the best illustration we can give you to show how we default to skills even when we wanted habits. It shows that while we may “want” a habit, we have not practiced the skill sufficient to get it to that level. Same goes for your golf game. If you wish you had played the shot differently, after the fact, you are looking at what you wish you had in habit, but have not yet mastered. Provides great clues. Now just find the path, which we offer here, to make that a reality.


Our Double Connexion CD Rom book will help you understand and learn HOW all of that happens, including the development of skills and habits. In addition, we will provide a free playing profile with the purchase of the Book. If desired, however, the profiling program continues to be offered as a stand alone service. Check with us for the applicable fees.

The information in this book has been the nucleus of more than ten years of advanced education seminars required for member professionals of the PGA of America. It has also been used in more than 250 clinics and seminars for other players of all skill levels in the USA and Canada. It is now available to ALL golfers.

Its author is Carey G. Mumford, who also wrote GOLF’s BEST KEPT SECRET – still out of “hard” print, but recovered and available electronically by visiting our Transaction Page.

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