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We have discovered there is more to learning and playing this great game than typically has been believed to be the case. But it has meant going to places that only a few have visited, except by accident. You can go there, too.

If you saw the Peach Bowl football game in January, 2004, and were watching at half-time, you saw Clay Smith kick a 40 yard field goal worth 250,000 USD, using exactly the same Clear Key generated automatic process he uses for his golf game. We note that the Super Bowl in 2004 was won by a pro whose kick was only two yards longer.


In the movie "For Love of the Game," if you understood what Billy Chapel meant when he said "Clear the mechanism," you'll have a useful clue to understand where we are coming from - and the goal toward which we are able to take any confirmed golfer. If that isn't complete enough for you here, the rest of the story can be found among the resources on our site, or in our books.


ClearKeyGolf involves a uniquely interactive approach to learning and playing that has plenty of "pudding" for "proof." From the moment we began to pay close attention to that vision, 25 years ago, new insights have allowed us to put finishing touches on the learning process that others have left incomplete (even if not intentionally). Applying that vision opened a door to find and remove a major short-circuit that has traditionally thwarted the building and installation of habits.

When we burned off the fog, left by unexamined traditional views, we found a different sort of thought process. Regrettably, we also found an almost obnoxious, institutionalized unwillingness from those "established, traditional" agents and agencies even to consider any idea that remotely sounded different from what was, and still is, being held sacred, right or wrong.

ClearKeyGolf in today's golf climate may appear to some just as obnoxious since we insist there is more to be done than the past has offered. So be it. We know you can add to your trip If you want to. You can have a share in our vision, which is not at all private, as you find it in the pages here and in our books. Or if you prefer, you can stay with what has been and keep on doing what you always did, and getting what you always got.

ClearKeyGolf found a process that transforms what has been accidental into what you can do "on purpose."

That process allows you to take charge of your playing, instead of your game taking charge of you.

There is much more to be done than add bumper stickers to your car, like - "Just do it," "Be confident," "Go for it."

Reality requires a grasp of HOW those cliched statements are actually practiced. It means "going from the third level of learning and competence (the skill level) to the fourth, and highest level," where habits are locked in and become useful. Only there can a player be genuinely on automatic, and most players have failed to make that trip - yet. They may honestly believe (or think) that they have, but the evidence says otherwise.

At ClearKeyGolf, we help players, instructors and coaches learn...

*Step 1 - How to develop Skills with maximum retention in minmum time..

*Step 2 - How to transform skills into Habits with maximum retention in minimum time...

*Step 3 - How to implement Habits for playing with maximum consistency in minimum time...

Step 4 - We engage the process that "Clears the mechanism"...Literally takes the player to Automatic... And that may not be what you thought it was...

Indications that you are NOT on automatic:

If you experience nervousness or doubt when over the ball.
Taking more than one practice/rehearsal swing.
Taking any practice swing just before stepping up to the ball at set-up.
Looking down the target line after reaching set-up position.
Checking or adjusting alignment after arriving at the ball.
Executing the shot in less than 6 seconds after completing pre-shot.
Standing at address longer than 8 seconds.
Attempting to consciously "empty" your mind.
Thinking about the swing in any way, shape or form during execution (i.e. using a swing key while swinging).
Failure to make a complete separation (transition) between pre-shot and execution.
Varying the time-frame between the end of pre-shot and completion of the shot.
Any assumption that pre-shot planning is the same on every shot.
Failure to maintain a completely neutral, conscious thought process following pre-shot (not "empty," but "neutral, non-action").

If any one of the above marks your game, there is no way for you to reach an automatic path for the release of swing habits.

Indications that you ARE on automatic:

All activity that requires conscious thought and planning connected with an upcoming shot is carried out only in pre-shot.
Never taking more than one rehearsal swing.
The time-frame following pre-shot is always the same for you, (and the shot is completed no sooner than 6 seconds after pre-shot and no later than 14 seconds after).
You put no manual thinking or "checking" actions into the process once pre-shot is completed.
You do not look down the line "to check" after walking into your set-up.
You keep a conscious thought that has nothing to do with action or your swing while walking to the ball, setting up and executing.

All of these must be present for automatic to kick in.


Step 5 -Then we add...

*How to Practice for the most effective result - which involves learning to practice the way you play, where others try vainly to play the way they practice - which points to the importance in...

*How to Manage the differences in Thought Processes for Pre-shot and Execution - the first being consciously manual, and the second being non-consciously centered (or automatic)...and...

*How to understand "within yourself" and play there - which is generally unlike what most tell us they think it is, as well.

If you want more about how that works, and if you meet the qualifying criteria listed on our profile page, you will be welcome to confirm what "within yourself" means specifically for you. It is important for one's self-perception to be as reliable as possible, and that is accomplished through a thoroughly validated profile. See our profile response form and qualifying information HERE

*There's plenty more - but we leave that to the moment of truth - when we face each other on the tee, or when you find us electronically here on the web.

Brings you Learning at its Best

by integrating swing and mental skills so that a player may finish the business of building the game and move on to the fun of playing - without having to grind on the skills and without the fear that the swing will not survive from one day to the next.