KeyGolf's Corporate Program Initiative

Over the past three decades, the term "Corporate Program" has taken on so many variations in perception and interpretation that, like the word "significant," it leaves a definition with much to be desired.

Corporate programs tend to default into several informal categories.

The variety of approaches to corporate programs has a broad range.



offers a selective approach for corporate programs.

Rather than attempting to be all things to all companies, we help our clients focus on the fertile basic elements that keep organizations healthy so they can manage the missions and do the work they have set out to do. The basic nature of our contribution to a corporate family or team provides an environment informed and supported by insight and skills that are transferable into all other domains. Simply put, that means providing resources that foster evaluation and design, human resource development, problem solving management strategies, and leadership development.

Because these elements are also fundamental to the development of an individual's golf game, the bridging of purpose in behalf of both work and play allows the learning designs to be specifically synergistic. They are also a great deal of fun. As those who participate in our corporate programs experience the value to both their games and their work and vice versa, improved "bottom lines" make their own point.

Little imagination is required to see that programs designed with a double mission lose the traditional boredom of "management training." It is not necessary to daydream about the game after the session. The gains show up immediately in motivation and attention of participants to the maximum they bring with them to the dual, complete session agenda.

It is not necessary to divide the mission into two parts: work and play. They are integrated in any corporate design we create, and what is designed and implemented always moves toward the special needs of each organization.

KeyGolf's "facesheet" refers to golf and a concern for helping people develop their golf games, but the underlying mission is immersed in the added benefits that accrue to the speciality of corporate ventures and the needs of organizations, not to mention the daily business of self-management accruing to the full range of life tasks.


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