Golf's Best Kept Secret

What follows is an Introduction to the resurrected manuscript of "Golf's Best Kept Secret." **

Hence, we are able to offer it once again, with the addition of the 2004 Introduction following.

It may seem a small matter, but the recovery of our first book is like finding a lost treasure. We found, after all the printed books had vanished, a copy of the original galley proof. Thanks to a program inherent to our scanner, we were able to put the book into electronic form. Except for some corrections in sentence structure, spelling, and a couple of missing paragraphs, we have left it intact.

Reason: it became the source of germination for what is now known as the Clear Key process, which likely would not have emerged had it not precipitated study, research, tons of discussion and experiments culminating in what is now known as the Double Connexion.

This book is all about what it means to "play the game within yourself." After that we still need to know what to do with that information. That's in the "Double Connexion" and our "Putting Book."

Neither of those would have made the light were it not for countless hours of conversation, discussion and investigation, much of which was a thread of after-sessions following official PGA education programs.

For more than a dozen years, it was not uncommon to find 40 or 50 Professionals sitting around in a hotel lounge discussing the issues and illustrations contained in Golf's Best Kept Secret which have now culminated in The Double Connexion - not to mention in the lives, work and games of a lot of players and teachers.

Golf's Best Kept Secret was step one in a long process that has covered more than 20 years. We thought it would take a long time. It has, but it has exceeded our original expectations and brought forth what is destined to become state of the art in playing the game of golf, not to mention what it contributes to other sports. Enjoy your reading. It will afford you an adventure unless you just find yourself in a mood to chew on whatever bone you can find. We now know that Clear Keys are here to stay. Unless you forgot to pay attention in school, you will know that too. Those who notice will be rewarded. Those who don't notice will simply be left to wade around in whatever puddle they may have stumbled into.

You may download it here and receive your unlock code via email by using either your credit card or personal account through PayPal.

**Please note that we have noticed some confusion between GBKS and The Double Connexion in the ordering process. It appears that we need to clarify that GBKS does not contain the details about practicing, playing and clear keys that are present in the Double Connexion Book. GBKS was ultimately responsible for finding all that, but it came later and is recorded in The Double Connexion. We apologize for any confusion that may have caused.