How to Get Your Game from the Practice Tee to the Golf Course

This book provides a full description for How a Player's Mental Activity is affected by the moment of Truth - when you have a club in your hand moving it toward impact with a ball - and an action plan for managing that "moment" by implmenting a prime "tool" allowing access to the natural human system's Automatic Principle - for golf (or any other sport). It is cemented by a validated integration of physiology, psychology and sociology, as well as having been confirmed and validated through scientific testing using EEG with players in action. It also provides a verified measurement and evaluation system for what the often heard cliche, "Playing the game within yourself," really means.

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Take note that if you intend to play the game in the manner dictatedconsistently autiomatic results, you will need more than an over-simplified admonition that says, "Don't think, just empty your mind and let it go," to get there.

Knowing exactly what that means, how it works, and how to implement it is essential information. Only one question is required at that point. "Did anyone ever show you what automatic is and how it works? or was that just assumed?"


The Double Connexion book puts that in perspective, including the development of skills and habits.

The information in this book was the nucleus of more than fifteen years of advanced education seminars centering in self-management (the crux of the mental side of playing the game) required for member professionals of the PGA of America, and is now in circulation in 22 countires. It has also been used in more than 300 clinics and seminars for other players of all skill levels in the USA and Canada.

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