Collateral Training for Golf Professionals, Coaches and Players
The ClearKeyGolf® Distance Program is
designed to give teachers, instructors, and coaches a
working, principle-based process to elevate personal /professional competence
with minimum output of time and money that brings maximum
gain in developing personal, useful resources.

Certification is available and recommended

Implemented by Mental Game Coach Carey Mumford and Staff

This program is for the variety of Professionals who need or desire a quality of training that will enable them
to take teaching, coaching and playing to the
next level ...


Dimensions of Development: What Candidates Should Expect from this Program

Mastering Basic Issues


How to utilize Profiling Results to confirm Behavior Styles - personal and playing – teaching and learning - for self and students

·        how profile instruments work,       

·        how they are understood,        

·        how they are interpreted,      

·        how they are debriefed,       

·        how the information is applied to learning, practicing, and playing.

You Should Also Expect to Discover

how the entire process applies not only to golf but to other aspects of living, since it is not fully possible to appreciate the process as it relates to the game outside the total context of the rest of one's existence. There is far too much energy invested in attempts to comprehend life activities (and golf) as though they were isolated from each other, things unto themselves. Our golf games deserve to be seen in a context of the whole, not as an entity of unique human value, with no relevance to the rest of life. Quite the contrary. In fact, it is not possible to reach maturity in the physical game without understanding and becoming competent in the management of the mental game.

Of all games, golf is perhaps more like the rest of life than any other.

You will also learn . . .

o        o         

· · what clear keys are

· ·  

· · how and why clear keys work

· ·  

· · how to apply and utilize clear keys in teaching, learning, practicing and playing

· ·  

· · how clear keys generate "being in the zone" and neutralize the "yips"

· ·  

· · how clear keys provide balance for the mental and physical game

The Discovery process will also involve .

Tasks Required within the Given Time Frame for the Distance Program

**Two verbatim reports on coaching sessions each month during the program from coaches and instructors.

**Two video reports on work sessions with student, either two students once, or the same student twice, during the program.

**One written report summarizing the substance of content from reading studies each month.

**Exit session with each candidate either in person, where possible, or by electronic means as appropriate.

ClearKeyGolf® mission functions as a "path provider"...

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Updated: 3-18-11