Completing and Submitting a Personal/Playing Profile

Our profile service has several options, so please choose the one that suits your needs best.

The Basic profile provides a short summary giving the essential elements for learning, practicing and playing and is only available with the purchase of our Double Connexion book. The book and the profile complement each other, providing more value than either one by itself. The book/basic profile require 29.95USD.

The Full Profile offers a detailed description of your style traits and how they affect your work with your game, whether for a novice or for a seasoned professional and adds any dimension required for those who are professional instructors. This choice is also only avaliable with the purchase of the Double Connexion book and requires an additional 20USD, added to the book price.

We make avalable a "Standalone" profile which is tailored to match the parameters of how you plan to use the information. That will depend on whether your pupose is related to a self-initiated, solitary task like golf ( or bowling, or billiards, etc) or if you are involved in an area that requires considerable interpersonal contact and skills, such as training others, sales, management or communications. Accordingly, we make our details and recommendations fit your situation. That service requires a fee of 49.95USD.

Please follow this link for your options and the procedure for completing the process.

Profiling is citical to forming a clear picture of the style traits that were part of your birthright. It is germain to understanding and applying the principles given to those traits that form the launchpad for completed, well-developed swing habits for your golf game. They will always be a force in your work and play, whether you know about them, understand them or not. The profile process we use is not a personality inventory. It provides a fundamental picture of your basic behavior patterns not unlike what an x-ray can show of the basics of your physiological makeup. You cannot dispose of either, at least not expediently.

There are profiling programs on the world wide web that may seem to be doing the same thing. They appear similar, in some respects, but they are far from the same. Typically, they examine personality and its shaping. We have not found any other program that distinguishes between style and personality, which is a fundamental, criticial issue and can be documented as such. The trend from others is toward making alterations in yourself to "shape" whatever personality you desire, or believe to be required. Many tend to insist that there is an "ideal playing personality" shaped by a formula they believe to be cut from a "winning" or "championship" mold. That approach ignores the reality that behavior style has genetic foundations that need cooperation, adherence and support, while personality is shaped and learned, principally as a personal "marketing" maneuver to gain the endorsement of other people. Such programs also may ignore several other realities, which we note in other places on our website and in our books, so we won't repeat that information here.

If you need further clarification, feel free to email us.


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