What is a Clear Keyİ and What Does it Do?

A Clear Keyİ simply put, is a systematic thought process that matches the systematic nature of the game, to be applied and used during the execution of a golf shot. It is the primary "tool" for implementing the natural human automatic process. When a player is using a swing key, that player is using a manual mental format for playing. When a player is using a Clear Keyİ the process is transformed to automatic. One cannot use swing keys and be on automatic, while Clear Keys guarantee that the player will be utilizing the automatic principle. We do not offer that as an opinion. That is a well documented, principle-based rule. However, do not overlook the importance of having a well defined and finished portfolio for playing the game that is worthy of automatic. Automatic is of no value if you have no habits. If you have poor habits, you are apt to get poor results. We suppose it's not necessary to say "Get some good ones!"

With regret, we report that there are currently existing references to our clear keyİ process and the 32 ball drillİ presented by top 100 instructors and prominent golf journalists that are sharply inaccurate, incomplete and misleading. They apparently used information (without checking with us) that came from our earliest studies and tests, and their information is so dated as to be ineffective. We won't fault them, but our readers need to know that anything in this regard that cannot be verified here on this site should be examined very carefully for its accuracy and validity. Others can, of course, say what they wish to say, but we are reluctant to allow misrepresentation to go unchallenged. We appreciate the publicity, but would prefer that it had been presented accurately.

It is important to recognize that the automatic process is not as simple as just "calling it by that name." At the same time, to expand that here would require rewriting our Double Connexion book instead of this brief summary.

If you visit any of the golf forums you find on the internet, you will notice that players talk about times they have whistled or hummed, or sung in an effort to keep themselves more at ease. They are definitely on the right track, though there is much more to the automatic process than that, which clear keys bring to the table. But the idea is certainly to free the mind from mechanical thinking while being aware that human beings are just not able to "not think about anything." They are always thinking about something. It is quite likely that only a very few will understand how that works, or why it is true. You can read what some have experienced and said on our website with our directory link to "Comments on KeyGolf."

There is a commonplace cliche among coaches and players - "Just don't think about it." And that is almost correct. It just doesn't provide a complete picture. To complete it, one must add, "You have to think about something, and that thinking must be passive to action and give no command of any kind to the human system."

All commands must be given in pre-shot and then the automatic process is implemented through "clearing the mechanism," by using a Clear Keyİ.

To illustrate how commonplace what we are describing really is, in 1968, even the great banjo artist, Earl Scruggs wrote in his book "The Five String Banjo:"

"The word "habit" can always be broken by patience and practice.  Do not expect too much of yourself.  At the same time, do not underestimate your ability.  Take your time.  Do these exercises over and over and over until after awhile, you will be doing them while thinking about something else."

It is the phrase, "you will be doing them while thinking about something else," that needs attention. That's how it works, whether you are playing a banjo, driving a car, brushing your teeth or making a golf shot.

Learn about Clear Keys and use them. They will elevate your game to the next level, assuming, of course, that you have built third-level skills well enough to be useful when they mature into habits.