Clear Key Fun

At the 1991 Paine Weber Senior event, Bob Brue was interviewed by Bob Murphy, as you will see in the video, graciously given to us by the then Director of Tour Productions. What is most fascinating about this clip is that Bob Brue gave Murphy a genuine answer to a sort of glib question Murphy asked, seemingly in jest. It appears that Murphy thought he could parlay the answer into another comic moment from Brue, the classic entertainer and trick shot genius. Actually, Bob Brue tells Murphy the truth and neither Murphy or the announcers in the "booth" recognized it (in essence, they made fun of it). What we found most interesting is that Bob could give them a true and straight forward example and even those with enough smarts to be broadcasters for Tour Golf had no clue what he was talking about.

If you missed the core issue, too, he's talking about "clear keys" without using the "official" word. He was smart enough to know that what most were going by at the time was "swing keys," which actually embrace and influence the opposite of what clear keys do. You also may recognize the two clear keys he quotes, if you have seen our "sample" list, and he has been responsible for a bunch of them.

Hopefully, you noticed in the clip, Bobby gets slightly mixed up about the mechanical description of his swing, which is an unsolicited testimonial to what happens when a player masters the automatic principle. He doesn't have to remember all the details of swing mechanics, since he already has them stored among his non conscious habits, which allows his swing to work consistently without giving any conscious thought to it while the action is going on. It is a purely trustworthy, repeatable, reliable part of his non conscious portfolio.

The moral - in case you haven't been paying attention - the truth can sometimes hit you square in the noggin and you still may miss its relevance.