For all the Golfers who may also be dog lovers.

Here are a few photos of our "lady," Boots.

She goes with me when I teach and either sleeps or sits at attention all during a lesson, even if it's more than an hour. Well behaved unless some other dog wants to be "nasty," and then she will growl, but so far, has not exceeded that bit. She is half Black Lab and half Pit Bull, the mention of which seems to frighten some folks, but she has the Lab temperament and the "Bull" ears and nose - the long nose variety. As a pup, she was found by our son in a rescue center in Virgina. When he found himself engaged in work that necessitated his frequent travel, he asked us to take her "for awhile." A year and a half later, she now belongs to us. He is not getting her back.

So here is Boots.


Sadly, we report that today, March 27, 2008, Boots lost her lifelong battle with Lupus.
We will miss her sorely.